KORABLE BLOCK / ArtistVersion ( Tray, booklet and Hand Signed Artist Card)


“Playing with learning tool will create a bond between the adult and the child who play with them.”
Friedrich Fröbel

Korable Block is an interactive tool for learning the Korean alphabet. It is the first hands-on Korean language game of its kind. Korable Block, a wordplay on “Korean syllable,” is made of four wooden blocks hand-printed with Korean alphabet characters. The blocks can be combined to create over 120 single-syllable words including numbers, days of the week, foods, nature words, body parts, and more.

Parents use Korable Block to teach their children through an engaging, puzzle-like game. Children of all ages are challenged to discover more than 120 words of the Korable Block (creative players have found up to 150!), while parents cherish the one-on-one bonding time that enhances their family relationships.

Korable Block is entirely handmade in the USA. The blocks, tray, and silk-screened corrugated box are handmade in Grand Rapids, Michigan, by legendary block makers at Uncle Goose. The booklet is printed in Brooklyn, New York on recycled paper using non-toxic inks and renewable wind-powered energy.

The full-set includes (hand made tray, hand printed 4 blocks, booklet, hand pulled silk-screened corrugated box and hand signed artist card)


Korable Block ships via UPS ground and US Postal Service domestically and via US Postal Service internationally.

Ships from Uncle Goose, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.
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Everywhere Else $30

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You may download the following supplementary PDF templates:

Korean alphabet consonants print in pdf format
Korean alphabet with consonants and vowelsprint in pdf format
Numbersprint in pdf format
Daysprint in pdf format
Do re mi.. print in pdf format
Directionprint in pdf format
Foodprint in pdf format
Natureprint in pdf format
Animalsprint in pdf format
Body partsprint in pdf format
Objectsprint in pdf format

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