What Is Korable Block?
Korable Block is an interactive tool for learning the Korean alphabet. Created by New York City designer Si-Yeon Min, it is the first hands-on Korean language game of its kind. Korable Block, a wordplay on “Korean syllable,” is made of four wooden blocks hand-printed with Korean alphabet characters. The blocks can be combined to create over 120 single-syllable words including numbers, days of the week, foods, nature words, body parts, and more.

Parents use Korable Block to teach their children through an engaging, puzzle-like game. Children of all ages are challenged to discover more than 120 words of the Korable Block (creative players have found up to 150!), while parents cherish the one-on-one bonding time that enhances their family relationships.

Korable Block is entirely handmade in the USA. The blocks, tray, and silk-screened corrugated box are handmade in Grand Rapids, Michigan, by legendary block makers at Uncle Goose. The booklet is printed in Brooklyn, New York.

About Si-Yeon Min
Si-Yeon Min developed Korable Block for his own son to enjoy a creative, fun approach to learning the Korean language. Putting his own curiosity and design skills to use, Si-Yeon developed the first prototype out of cereal boxes. After perfecting the design with the help of his design colleagues, Korable Block is now a tangible product that Si-Yeon continues to play with his son (who is now a young master of the Korean alphabet).

Si-Yeon, a Korean native, practiced design and architecture in New York City for 9 years (7 of which were at Ennead, previously known as Polshek Partnership Architects) before launching his own collaborative startup design firm, Alliedoperations. He has co-awarded numerous prizes from the American Institute of Architects and is author to Interview with Delicious Storm, a groundbreaking short fiction exploring the philosophy of architecture. As a father, Si-Yeon regards Korable Block as his greatest accomplishment to date.

Si-Yeon Min holds an architecture degree from University of Michigan and Columbia University, where he was awarded the Lucille Smyser Lowenfish Memorial Prize.

Designer and Artisan: Si-Yeon Min of Alliedoperations and Peter Bultman of Uncle Goose
Patent lawyer: Lee International
Contributors: Bernard Almonte, Eun-Young Hong, Zubair Kazi and Doohong TJ Min

Korable Block is protected by United States/South Korea and International copyright laws.